Knowledgeable About the Market

I was able to purchase my first home thanks to Sierra! She was professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Sierra took the time to educate me about the real estate process and quickly responded to all my questions.

I fell in love with the first home I toured. Sierra took the time to present a competitive offer that I was 100% comfortable with. She was in constant contact with the listing agent (and my lender) and provided critical advice to improve my offer before the deadline. The seller accepted my offer the next day!

If you are a first time home-buyer in the Bay Area, I highly recommend Sierra. She is knowledgeable about the competitive Bay Area market and will provide you step-by-step guidance to ensure you purchase your dream home! - Cynthia Severn (October 2017)

Committed & Professional

Sierra is so wonderful. She will greet you in the morning with a binder filled with sheets describing every listing you'll be visiting that day, in the order you'll see them (which will be the most efficient order in terms of area, distance and traffic). She knows so much about the east bay area, and she has learned from one of the best: her grandmother Madeline Dutra.

She hung in there for me: 67 homes we saw and we wrote 7 competitive offers, and still I did not have a home in the pitiless market that is the SF bay area. I thought I would lose her and I am so glad I did not. It is hard to find a home here. I don't know what I would have done without a realtor who was as committed as she was.

If you have the chance to work with Sierra, consider yourself lucky. She is a professional and will go the extra mile for you. She will find a home for you. - Jessica Hickel (August 2016)

Protection & Trust

I would recommend Sierra for any of your real estate needs. Sierra was with me 100% of the way & made sure my needs were met. She was also at my final closing with the notary - which was above and beyond. I always felt protected & trust is everything in a large financial transaction.

During my home search Sierra was always committed & showed me several properties until I found the right one. When I did - she made sure my offer was accepted in a very competitive market. Seriously, I do not think I would be in my current home without her help. If you want someone to have your back, get you the home you want and enjoy the experience as well - Sierra is the one to count on! - Nabeel Atique (October 2015)

Great Support & Friendly

Sierra did help us for 18 months as a first time home buyers, coordinated and joined us for 50+ open house, put together about 10 offers and finally when we found our home she was a great support through the whole transition time and provided a lot of helpful resources we needed.

Sierra is a very responsive, proactive and friendly real estate agent and I definitely recommend her for home buyers. -Amir Sarofiem (July 2017)